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Personal Training

Online Fitness Training


If you’ve been thinking of hiring a fitness coach, you should know that you don’t need to cut out the things you love in life to see the results you’ve always wanted.

Yes, there are many diets and exercise plans that do work. However, the truth is no matter how effective a program is, if you don’t have the knowledge to build a sustainable program, lack the expertise to advance your training, and are missing a support system to help you get back on track, you won’t reach your goal.

Kyle's Story

This was true for my client, Kyle. He tried different exercise programs, diets, and even had a personal trainer in the past to try to reach his weight loss goal.

In his initial consultation, he indicated his readiness to make a major change in his life and expressed his desire to lose at least 30lbs, build muscle, and understand why I build exercise programs the way I do. Fast forward 1 year later, and Kyle has been able to

✅ lose 46 lbs and now build muscle

✅ see progress in every exercise and program

✅ have a better relationship with food

✅ develop a better understanding of fitness

January 2022

September 2022

Kyle was ready for a change.
Are you?

I hired Luke seven weeks ago to help me with fat loss, strength, and conditioning. His online approach is an excellent and affordable alternative to in-person coaching, and it allows me to get the most benefit possible from the equipment I already have at home. With nothing more than a bench, stationary bike and two adjustable dumbbells I've lost almost 20 pounds, have more energy and feel better overall.


What to Expect

You'll get a comprehensive and sustainable fitness program based on the latest science. Not fads, restrictive diets or extremes. You have

  • a variety of check in options to suit your needs

  • full program details given to you in our app

  • in-app messaging to talk to your trainer directly

  • nutrition support and in-app meal tracking


Most importantly, your program is tailored to you based on your health history, fitness goals, and your progression throughout the program. 

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Getting Started

If you're ready, I'm ready

To get a well-rounded idea of who you are, please complete our sign-up form belowthen we will schedule a short call to talk about your goals in detail and make sure we're the right fit. 


Have questions? Email!

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